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    Fleet Telematics & Tracking

    By utilizing a single device for ELD, telematics, and real-time tracking, you ensure compliance, monitor driving behavior, receive maintenance and DTC alerts, and reduce downtime and costs, significantly enhancing fleet efficiency.

    1. Optimize routes to save fuel and reduce costs.
    2. Provide real-time feedback to improve driving habits.
    3. Analyze fleet data to identify trends and make informed decisions.
  • asset_geofencing_1

    Asset Tracking & Geofencing

    Track trailers and assets in real-time with versatile tracking devices, powered by battery, solar, or hardwired solutions, suitable for any application. Receive geofencing alerts to optimize asset utilization and enhance security.

    1. Quickly locate and recover stolen assets.
    2. Generate reports on asset usage for better management.
    3. Set custom alerts for specific asset movements or statuses.
  • ai_dashcam_1

    AI Dashcams

    Capture road events and driver behavior, enhancing safety, reducing liability, getting insurance discounts and providing incident evidence.

    1. Front-facing cameras with optional driver-facing module.
    2. Access real-time footage from the dashcam.
    3. Evaluate driver performance based on captured data.
  • managed_tablets_3

    Managed Tablets

    Lock down tablets to prevent driver abuse, install only company-approved apps, and manage devices for seamless communication and efficiency.

    1. Provide remote troubleshooting and support.
    2. Push updates to devices remotely.
    3. Use tablet buzzer feature as alarm in emergencies.
  • verizon_logo

All devices are certified by Verizon and operate on the nation's largest and most reliable network, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability.

Expense Management

Optimize your fleet with our financial solutions and real-time syncing fuel cards and toll transponders for fully automated driver settlements.

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    Fleet Cards

    Get savings, control and comprehensive reporting with our fuel cards - accepted at most truck stops, while Visa allows instant money movement for advances, reimbursements, and bonuses.

  • factoring1


    Enhance cash flow by converting unpaid invoices into immediate funds with our integrated factoring service, ensuring financial stability and operational efficiency.

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Common Questions

  • What is fleet management and why is it important?

    Fleet management involves overseeing a company's vehicle fleet using technology to enhance efficiency, safety, and reduce costs. It is crucial for optimizing operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and improving overall productivity by leveraging tools like GPS tracking, telematics, and real-time data analytics.

  • How does GPS fleet tracking benefit fleet management?

    GPS fleet tracking provides real-time visibility of vehicle locations, routes, and driver behavior. It helps in optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and ensuring timely deliveries. By monitoring driving habits, it enhances safety and compliance, and assists in maintaining vehicle health through timely maintenance alerts.

  • What are the advantages of using AI-powered dashcams in fleet management?

    AI-powered dashcams capture both road events and in-cab driver behavior, providing critical evidence in case of incidents. They help in identifying and correcting risky driving behaviors, exonerating drivers not at fault, and reducing liability. This leads to improved safety, lower insurance premiums, and enhanced driver accountability.

  • How can managed tablets improve fleet operations?

    Managed tablets provide drivers with real-time access to routes, schedules, and compliance information. Pre-configured with essential apps and tools, they facilitate seamless communication and efficient fleet management. These tablets enhance driver productivity, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline operations.

  • What role do data plans play in fleet management?

    Reliable, high-speed data plans ensure continuous connectivity for fleet communication and tracking systems. Customized data packages cater to specific fleet needs, supporting uninterrupted service, real-time updates, and efficient management of fleet operations, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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