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To transform the trucking industry with a complete, integrated, and user-friendly platform that enhances operational efficiency and communication.


A brief history of Trucking Hub.

  • 2003

    The Beginning

    3MD Inc, an asset-based carrier, is formed with a single truck and trailer.

  • 2012

    Fleet Expansion

    Sons joined their father and started expanding the fleet with a focus on delivering exceptional service.

  • 2014

    TMS 1.0

    Armed with intimate knowledge and thirst to grow, we automated processes by developing an in-house Transportation Management System.

  • 2016

    $5M+ Business

    We scaled the business to over 30 trucks and 150 trailers without adding an employee. We knew what we had built was BIG.

  • 2017

    3MD ELD - National Recognition

    As one of the very first certified ELDs, we spotted an opportunity and developed the best solution which become a huge successful and led to exponential growth.

  • 2022

    Trucking Hub

    The culmination of a decade of hard work and innovation, Trucking Hub unifies all previous efforts into a single, modern platform.


Environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional products and service.

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    Happy Customers

    With 1,000+ satisfied clients, we continue to help businesses thrive.

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    Exceptional Products

    Unmatched commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions.

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    Flexible Work

    Offering a blend of remote and hybrid work options for flexible scheduling.

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    Career Growth

    Yearly plans, coaching, learning allowances and support for growth.

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    Modern Workplaces

    Experience our state-of-the-art offices in Belgrade and Chicago.

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    Our Team

    Dedicated, forward-thinking, and committed lifelong learners.

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