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Cloud-based apps, including an industry-leading carrier TMS, designed to streamline every aspect of your trucking business.

Save time and cut costs with unparalleled efficiency and visibility into your business.

Transportation Management

Cloud-based applications to manage your entire operation with ease.


Effortless, complete compliance with all FMCSA and DOT regulations.


Grow intelligently with web presence and streamlined, paperless solutions.

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    Load & Operations Management

    Effortlessly manage the entire load life cycle, and optimize routes with real-time tracking and updates. Fully automated invoicing and instant driver notifications for loads and changes streamline operations. Seamlessly integrates with existing systems for unified tracking, reporting, and compliance. Our user-friendly platform enhances productivity and operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

    1. Accept EDI tenders and send automatic load updates.
    2. Manage Lanes by creating templates for frequent loads.
    3. Powerful scheduler to optimize dispatch.
    4. Location insights with advanced geofencing powered by Trimble.
  • no_contract_eld_2

    Integrated ELD Compliance

    Get rid of your monthly ELD bill while elevating back office and driver experience. Our solution is enterprise-grade, powered by Azuga, a Bridgestone company. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require a mechanic - just plug and play. Save time with built-in remote assistance and 24/7 technical support for any issues via phone, email, or Slack.

    1. Included at no additional charge.
    2. An enterprise solution powered by Azuga.
    3. Works with Pacific Track, Geometris and dozen other ELDs.
    4. Supported languages: English, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian and Polish.
    5. Lifetime warranty on ELDs sold by Trucking Hub.
  • drivermanagement

    Driver Management

    Streamline onboarding, compliance, and driver payroll effortlessly. Utilize integrated pre-employment screening with instant Driver Qualification Files (DQF), Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs), and Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) reports. Easily order drug tests and background checks with a single click. Manage driver pay, scheduled deductions, escrow or maintenance accounts, advances, equipment loans, and more.

    1. 100% FMCSA compliance guaranteed.
    2. Integrated VoIP for seamless driver communication.
  • advanced_geofencing2

    Advanced Tracking & Geofencing

    Utilizing precise polygon geofences from Trimble Maps, our system generates auto-arrival and departure time-stamps, with notifications automatically shared with brokers and shippers via EDI. It calculates detention times and gathers location intelligence for smarter dispatch decisions. This precision allows carriers to accurately calculate actual mileage and costs, enhancing their bottom lines—especially crucial with elevated diesel prices.

    1. Location insights with average times spent loading and unloading.
    2. LTE real-time telematics and tracking powered by Verizon.
  • driver-statements

    Automated Driver Statements

    Easily manage driver pay, scheduled deductions, escrows, and maintenance accounts with our powerful and flexible platform. Supported compensation types are carrier mileage, load percent, hourly or per load. Pay information, as well as fuel and toll transactions, are visible to drivers in real-time, ensuring transparency and higher satisfaction. Prepare 1 or 100 statements in seconds, greatly increasing efficiency and eliminating errors.

    1. Fully automated preparation of driver statements.
    2. Connected to all major fleet fuel cards.
    3. Add company announcements to statements.
  • edi_integration

    EDI Ready

    Enhance your trucking operations with automated EDI load tendering, eliminating manual data entry and errors. Instantly accept and convert EDI tenders into loads, and send automatic load status updates for real-time communication with brokers and shippers.

    1. Remove manual data entry errors.
    2. Stronger relationships with brokers and shippers.
    3. Accept a load tender and assign a driver - that's it.
  • driverapplication4

    Driver Application

    Drivers can view dispatch instructions, load details, and easily upload Bill of Ladings and other documents. Access real-time earnings, deductions, and transactions. Driver can navigate to assigned stop with integrated CoPilot navigation for truck-specific routing and real-time traffic updates. In case of a roadside inspections, drivers have access to all required docs and permits via Cloud Drive.

    1. Unmatched efficiency in dispatching and getting Bill of Ladings
    2. Real-time updating driver settlements for pay transparency.
    3. Integrated CoPilot for efficient and turn-by-turn navigation.
    4. Digital permit book for smooth roadside inspections.

Integrated Pre-Employment Screening

Access instant MVR and PSP reports, perform background checks, generate compliant driver qualification files (DQF) and consent forms with a click of a button and more.


Driver’s Application for Employment

A comprehensive application form collecting personal, employment, and driving history information to assess the suitability of a driver candidate.

Authorization for Release of Information for Employment Screening

A consent form allowing employers to conduct background checks and verify the candidate's employment history and qualifications.

PSP Online Service Authorization

Authorization for employers to access the candidate's Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) report, detailing safety performance and crash history.

Certificate of Driver Compliance & Road Test

Documentation confirming the driver’s compliance with FMCSA regulations and successful completion of a road test.

Safety Performance History Record Request

A request to previous employers for the candidate's safety performance history, including accidents and safety-related incidents.

Certification of Violations & Annual Review of Driving Record

A form documenting the driver's traffic violations and an annual review of their driving record to ensure ongoing compliance.

General Consent for Limited Queries of the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Consent allowing employers to query the FMCSA Clearinghouse for drug and alcohol violation records related to the driver.

Lease Agreement

A legal agreement detailing the terms and conditions under which a driver leases equipment from the carrier.

Verification of Medical Examiner’s National Registry Number

Verification ensuring the medical examiner who conducted the driver’s physical exam is registered with the FMCSA.

DQF Checklist

A comprehensive checklist ensuring all required documents and verifications are included in the driver qualification file per FMCSA standards.

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