Effortless expense management.

Get fuel and toll discounts, manage cards, toll transponders and send money instantly.

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    Reimburse instantly.

    Our Visa cards provide an easy, powerful and instant money movement. Process cash advances, reimbursements or bonuses instantly.

    Virtual cards coming soon.
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    Save time, money and fuel.

    Accepted at majority of truck stops nationwide for ultimate convenience, control and savings with industry-leading reports and driver discount-sharing features.

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    Simplify tolling in real-time.

    Simplified, integrated tolling solution enables effortless coast-to-coast coverage and combines weigh station bypass, all in one device.

Invoicing has never been easier.

Complete automation of your invoicing and accounting is now a reality.

  • Invoicing

    Created on the fly with each load with all the supporting documents attached.

  • Schedules

    Invoices are customized to match factor requirements and can be sent for payment.


We are a proud member of the International Factoring Association.

Common Questions

  • Is there a charge for Visa cards?

    No, cards are included in your Trucking Hub subscription. Sending money and spending it is also free. The only fee that is assessed is for withdrawing money out of the ATM.

  • Is there a fee for fuel cards?

    No, fuel cards are included with your Trucking Hub subscription. Enjoy fuel discounts and other perks in addition to savings on fees.

  • Is there a fee for toll transponders?

    No, toll transponders are included in your Trucking Hub subscription.

  • How do I fund the Visa account?

    Main card on the account has a checking and routing number so that you can easily ACH or wire money directly into the account and from there send it instantly to anyone in your company.

  • How do I factor invoices?

    Create a schedule with invoices to be factored and download or email it right from Trucking Hub. Your receipient will receive a compressed file (.zip) with a schedule summary file (.csv) and all invoices (.pdf).

  • What rate can I expect for factoring?

    Our proprietary invoicing system works hard to minimize risk, which allows us to offer you a better rate. Length of relationship is of great significance and factors into rate decisions.

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