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Instant Compliance

Streamline your drug and alcohol compliance process, featuring random testing, easy scheduling, and policy customization.


Personalized Drug Policy

Create and manage your drug policy, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace for your drivers and employees.

  • Random Selections

    Implement a random drug testing program, maintaining a drug-free fleet and meeting industry requirements.

  • Nationwide Lab Network

    Access over 20,000 labs across the US for convenient and seamless drug test scheduling.


Empowering Your Drug-Free Workplace

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    Online Test Scheduling

    Effortlessly schedule drug tests at any of our 20,000+ collection sites, simplifying the process for both employers and drivers.

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    Free Supervisor Training

    Equip your team with the knowledge and expertise needed to manage drug policy compliance through our online training courses.

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    Expert Resources

    Stay informed and compliant with access to certified experts, handbooks, forms, and industry updates.

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