Trucking Dispatch Software

Streamline asset and load tracking with integrated real-time telematics, communication, geofencing, traffic updates, and ETAs — for unmatched efficiency and visibility in your fleet.


Built for demanding professionals.

Equip users and drivers with secure, enterprise-level VoIP extensions for seamless communication and collaboration.


Powerful Scheduling

Maximize miles and Hours of Service using our advanced, proprietary scheduling engine.


Enterprise Mapping and Routing

Access industry-standard truck-specific routing, mileage, and mapping with Trucking Hub's comprehensive solution.

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    Stay informed and prepared with up-to-date weather and traffic information.

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    Optimize your routes for enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.

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    Experience dependable navigation, even without connectivity.

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    Explore the largest database of essential trucking industry locations.


Hours of Service and ETA

Monitor real-time progress with adaptive ETAs and compare planned vs. actual performance to mitigate service disruptions.


Secure Messaging

Communicate with drivers using encrypted text or VoIP messages featuring auto-delete, screenshot prevention, and more.


Business Monitoring

Effortlessly track your fleet, Hours of Service, and other vital metrics from your shop or home using our Apple TV app.


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