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Device Management

Simplify mobile device management with tablet remote access, real-time telematics, AI dashcams, connected ELDs, and data usage monitoring.


All the trucking hardware you need for a connected, compliant, and efficient fleet.

  • Affordable Pricing

    No hidden fees, contracts or fine print with simple, straight-forward pricing for all your devices.

  • Leading Network

    To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, we rely and run on the nation’s largest, most reliable LTE network.

  • Real-Time Telematics

    Access your truck data instantly and receive immediate notifications for any issues.

  • Live Dashcam Streaming

    Monitor live video feeds and protect against on-road incidents, while saving on insurance costs.


MDM for Transportation

Manage your fleet's mobile devices, data and apps in one place - effortlessly.

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    Device Management

    Take control of your tablets with customizable settings.

  • 2

    Remote Access

    Support and guide your drivers remotely whenever needed.

  • 3

    Hassle-Free Deployment

    Receive secure and field-ready devices for immediate use.

  • 4

    Secure Data Wipe

    Remotely erase data in case of device loss or theft.


Verizon Certified

Choose from a wide range of certified Verizon devices for optimal and guaranteed performance.

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